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In the dynamic landscape of banking and financial services, fostering robust and intimate relationships with clients, while projecting an impeccable image, is paramount. This is where the transformative potential of Document Composition Software comes into the picture. For more than three decades, we have offered companies in this sector an unparalleled opportunity to flawlessly master their multichannel communication strategy. With OctoDoc and its groundbreaking solution, you can effortlessly oversee the entire document production cycle, including contracts, reports, invoices, and more, across a network of branches. Get ready to usher in a new era with your clients.


A Solution Tailored to Cater to the Requirements of Insurance Firms: octodoc provides insurance firms with a solution for disseminating documents across the entire organization, including the capability to manage electronic forms and pre-existing documents. Internal staff across the entire network of branches, as well as independent resellers of the company’s products, could potentially benefit from the resources octodoc TotalControl provides. The creation, management, maintenance, generation, and dispatch of documents is a significant task that demands effort and oversight from various departments within a firm, which could potentially be significant sources of error. Optimizing processes through the use of suitable technology significantly enhances client satisfaction while substantially reducing costs.

Public sector

Public Sector & Government At your service – Public Institutions are faced with the challenge of managing an increasingly diverse range of forms and documentation, leading to a staggering variety and volume of documents. In a highly demanding sector, Civic Services are consistently expected to promptly deliver intuitive and high-quality documents to citizens, as they necessitate superior service in areas such as Courts & Justice, Counties, States, Municipalities, Federal Agencies, Health and Human Services, Medical Centers, Educational Institutions, and more. Our software solution is designed to simplify this process, integrating seamlessly while enhancing systems and applications, streamlining workflows, and maintaining compliance standards. From designing intelligent templates, to merging data, distributing documents, and monitoring workflows, we cover the entire process to boost efficiency and drive cost savings.

Coming from system…?


With octodoc document solution users of JetForm® / Adobe® Central Server safely replace their environment with a cutting-edge Document Composition System (octococ DCS) and seamlessly incorporate new document design visual interfaces with advanced functionalities.
The latest version of octodoc is completely ready to run in the cloud (as a SaaS) and be deployed in containers (Dockers, Kubernetes), providing greater flexibility and security to a solution that uses the most advanced technology.
octodoc offers a variety of satellite tools with complementary functionalities, such as document management with Aspose® OCR and PDF-Tools® electronic signature S/MIME or PDF/A creating a fully modular and scalable solution. These tools can be either called inside form shape or with a different javascipt file.


For IBM InfoPrint® Designer and AFP Utilities™ users the octodoc™ document composiotion software solution, users of InfoPrint® Designer and AFP Utilities™ can transition their environment to a state-of-the-art integrated document system. This allows them to access medical terms in a centralized master document model. octodoc™ offers a comprehensive suite of services. This transition provides users with advanced functionalities and a seamless integration of ERP systems, enhancing their overall healthcare experience.