Who we are?
OctoDOC is a leader in document software, streamlining businesses’ document processes for improved efficiency. Our focus is on continual adaptation to technological changes, offering versatile, user-friendly solutions for all businesses.

Our philosophy centers on serving businesses of all sizes, enhancing customer relationships through optimized document processes. We aim to modernize systems, covering all aspects of the document process, from design to distribution, for seamless customer communication.

The era when companies dictated the methods of communication is a thing of the past. Today, customers wield control over communications, compelling companies to adapt to their preferences. These shifts in the communication process have a direct impact on a company’s technological infrastructure, particularly their choice of document software. It’s a customer-centric world where businesses must be flexible and responsive to the communication preferences of their clientele.

OctoDOC’s mission is to assist enterprises in cultivating and strengthening their customer relationships (Customer Experience Management – CXM) by optimizing the document processes involved. This ranges from cutting-edge design to multichannel distribution (Document Output Management – DOM), to forward-thinking document generation that uses fewer resources for better performance. At OctoDOC, we understand CXM as a document software strategy for the creation, storage, retrieval, and multichannel distribution of an organization’s internal and external communications. The primary purpose is to attract and acquire new customers and retain profitable ones.
In recent decades, the concept of Document Output Management has evolved significantly due to the rising importance of electronic documents. Today, it could be defined as the omnichannel management of document outputs that are distributed throughout the entire organization. OctoDOC offers tools to facilitate reporting on document generation and distribution, which allows our customers to control production peaks, as well as the sending of communications, in order to optimally utilize their resources.

In an ideal world, OctoDOC represents the future of document software. It’s a powerful combination of Document Output Management technology with advanced tools for document design and creation, and a robust generation engine capable of running in the Cloud. With this combination of document software, organizations can modernize their document processes through the creation, personalization, generation, and multichannel distribution of communications with their customers. This not only enhances customer engagement but also streamlines internal operations, making OctoDOC a strategic asset for any forward-thinking organization.